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Because some legends never truly die.
For many of us, music touches the soul in a way that few things can. This is why so many people become borderline obsessed with their favorite musician.
In truth, some recording artists gain such rabid followings that they achieve legendary status — often in their own lifetimes. As a result, when these iconic figures pass, their loss is sometimes felt by millions around the world.
That being said, there are those who simply can’t come to terms with the demise of their favorite entertainer. This is why tabloid outlets have been known to report sightings of megastars, years after their death.
Of course, there are also folks who claim to have interacted with iconic performers who have decided to stick around after their lives have ended. In fact, there have been several alleged ghost sightings that involve some of the most famous names the music world has ever produced.
Are these claims valid or simply publicity stunts from desperate attention seekers? While we may never know for sure, the ghost stories associated with these almost mythical acts are certainly interesting.
Let’s take a look at a few of them.
Roughly forty years after his death, former Beatles frontman John Lennon remains one of the most beloved musicians the world has ever known. As an activist for peace, his powerful message still resonates with many.
Back in December of 1980, the singer was tragically gunned down near his New York apartment. However, according to some, his spirit may still be lingering around, and even helping create some new hits.
According to International Business Times, Lennon still helps his former bandmate Sir Paul McCartney write music. When McCartney is unsure about a song or lyric, he looks to the ghost of his old friend for advice, and the two discuss the issue at hand. Some may say McCartney’s a dreamer, but he’s not the only one who’s seen the rock icon recently.
The Ghost of John Lennon also reportedly visited another famous lead singer, Liam Gallagher of Oasis. Apparently, Gallagher saw Lennon, while he was lying in bed. It’s unclear if the two actually interacted or if it was just an awkward staredown.
There have also been regular folks who claim to have encountered Lennon’s spirit —usually near the location he was shot.
Given his worldwide popularity, it should come as little surprise that The Beatles star is among the most commonly mentioned subjects when it comes to spiritual encounters.
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