What in the world is the Abundant Musician Project?

A place to learn how to thrive in the world as a musician, an artist and a money making, thriving, passionate and totally awesome creative entrepreneur. 

I'm Jess

I'm Jess Voigt-Page (JVP)


A musician, entrepreneur and biz-coach who is determined to rid the world of the starving artist mentality (and replace it with abundant artists!)

I am an Australian born, Austin transplant with a dream to show you that you can have an epic life, and bring more to the world through unleashing and supporting the creative power of others. 

Through the Abundant Musician Project, I help people like you dream big, reach further and achieve success through innovation, inspiration and action!

I'm a classically trained saxophonist who fell in love with music entrepreneurship after completing a masters degree in performance, and who has devoted years to the study and practice of entrepreneurship in order to give YOU relevant, cutting edge and inspiring ways to follow your dreams, and create the life you've always wanted!


        My Qualifications

 BMus Perf

MA Music Performance



 HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

Certificate in Digital Marketing 

Marie Forleo's "B-School"


But here's a little more....

The Abundant Musician Project started WAY back in 2015 when I (Jess Voigt-Page, also known as JVP) got super inspired to dive deep into the world of Music based entrepreneurship and create a place where I could share my findings with my colleagues, friends and anyone who might be a teensy bit curious about being a musician and also running a business. 

Being a highly trained, elite musician myself, I realized I knew very little about how to run and succeed in business, even though I had been in fact running a business for 8 years!

For someone who had been running businesses for 8 years through trial and error and a lot of on the job training, I had managed to work my way into being pretty good at it! As I grew my knowledge though, I realized that I was taking MASSIVE risks with my finances, business and in the day to day organization of my life, so I started to tweak things to cover my butt and make sure everything was working smoothly. 

Before I knew it, things started taking off in ways I'd never experienced before, and people were asking me how I did it. 

The Abundant Musician Project was born!

With my new found passion for entrepreneurship, fascination with business and obsession with helping others make money and live abundantly, I created a name, made a new page on my website and started selling my services to the people around me who liked what I had to say!

With a new logo, a new identity and a WHOLE NEW JVP, we are going to conquer the starving artist mentality once. and. for. all.

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