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bitlife solo artist

Being a famous musician can be a thrilling and exciting adventure for many people. You can join a small band and coast along in life or make millions every year and become world-renowned. In the latest BitLife challenge released this weekend, you are tasked with becoming a famous solo artist and obtaining a double-platinum record. This is one of the most difficult tasks in the challenge for many people, but it certainly is not impossible! By the end of this guide, you will learn how to become a solo artist for the Rocket Man challenge in BitLife.
bitlife solo artist
To unlock the Musician career in Special Careers, your character needs to be at least 18 years old. However, you can start practicing instruments at a much younger. If you do not have high skills in any instrument or vocals, it is very unlikely that you will be accepted under a solo artist record label.
There is a predefined list of instruments that record labels look for when choosing a solo artist. This is a list of the seven career types you can pursue:
This means that unfortunately if you mastered the drums, kazoo, or any other instrument not listed here, you will not be able to become a solo artist with them. If you are following this guide to complete the Rocket Man challenge, you likely have the piano skill mastered by the time you are looking to pursue a solo artist career. If you do, choose this as your career, and choose any record label.
When you are choosing a record label, likely, they will not call you back unless you have high skills in an instrument or vocals. If you are at around 80-100% of the skill bar filled, your chances of acceptance are high. When you are accepted, you will need to work hard to maintain your fame and income. Being a musician in BitLife, especially as a solo artist, is just as challenging as any other career, if not harder!
Once you become a solo artist, you will have completed the third task of the Rocket Man Challenge in BitLife. For more information about a previous BitLife challenge, visit our coverage here.
BitLife is available on Android and iOS.
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