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bitlife exorcist

There are many career paths you can choose in BitLife, ranging from a dentist to a famous musician to a member of the mafia. A career choice that many people would not expect or deem possible, however, is an exorcist. For the Ghostbusters Challenge in the past and the current Demon Slayer Challenge, you are required to become an exorcist and save your house from invading ghosts. By the end of this guide, you will learn how to become an exorcist for the Demon Slayer Challenge in BitLife.
bitlife exorcist
To become an exorcist, you simply need to find the job option in the occupations tab. The difficult part about this though, is that it will appear randomly throughout your character’s lifetime. You will need to age up every year until you see the option in your full-time job listings. You may go several years, or even decades, without seeing it appear if you are very unlucky. Since it is a low-paying position, be sure to check at the very bottom of the job listings to make sure you don’t miss it. Once you do see it, apply for the position. Since the job does not require any formal training or education, you should get the position without any issues. However, you will likely run into issues if your character has a criminal record.
When you are accepted as an exorcist, you will gain the option to exorcise ghosts from your house if it is haunted. To do this, select your house and the spirit living in it. Choose to exorcise it, and your character will attempt to get rid of the ghost. If you do not succeed, you can continue trying until you remove it.
Once you become an exorcist, you will have completed the fourth task of the Demon Slayer Challenge in BitLife. For more information about a previous BitLife challenge, visit our coverage here.
BitLife is available on Android and iOS.
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