When you first started to play you instrument, were you a professional? How long did it take you to reach your current skill level?

A long time, am I right?!

It took me 13 years to progress from beginner saxophonist to where I am today, and your business is no different. 

I’m sure you hear all the time about “overnight success” from various people in various industries.

People ALWAYS talk about how their new coaching/insurance/MLM business created a new life for them right from the moment it started, and that they can’t believe how easy all their success has come to them.

Think about the people who say this in the music industry.

We ALL know that their “overnight success” took years to make happen and that at some point, they were beginners too.

I had this happen to me when my teaching studio had “overnight success” in 2014. I moved to Austin with zero connections and no idea about the area and “all of a sudden” I had a full studio.

Everyone wanted to know how I had that much success “overnight”. The truth?

It took me 8 years to have that overnight success.

And its taken me 2 extra years to be able to sit at my desk in my home office and write to you on this topic today.

Sure, I can teach you how to grow a studio in 30 days so you can have that “overnight success. My “30 days to 30 students” program can ABSOLUTELY do that, but you’re not getting “overnight success”.

You’re getting my 10 years of trial and error, of missteps and failures and the lessons I’ve learned over that time, AND you are applying all of your own experiences, training and knowledge on top of that.

Your success might look “instant” to others, but you have done the work and set the foundation already.

(But really, if you want to build a studio and need help getting started… you need “30 days to 30 students”). 

So, whenever you see someone achieving success, be happy for them and inspired by them, but also remember that they too are beginners in this.

We are always beginners, so we might as well embrace it!