But someone's already doing what I want to be doing!

Hey there Abundant Musicians!

Do you ever feel like you’ve missed your chance to pursue an opportunity because you see someone else already doing it?

Do you worry that all of your good ideas have already been taken or successfully done and that your input is just adding to the mass of information out there, so it won’t impact anyone?

I know that feeling. This is the EXACT feeling that kept me doubting myself for the last few years and preventing me from creating this content for you all!

But here’s the crazy thing guys. Think about your music career.

Someone else had already done exactly the same thing as you in your career when you decided to start, but you persisted nonetheless. It didn't matter that you were adding to the mass of information in the world when you studied your instrument and stepped in to your music career did it? Sure, we all want to add our unique voice to our music, but if you really allowed yourself to think that someone else had already done what you do, would you have persisted?

What was it that drove you to continue studying your instrument when there had already been hundreds of years where others had studied your instrument before you? Have a think about it. Its not like you were the first cellist to play Bach’s music, or the first flutist to play Mozart were you? I feel like its a pretty safe no for those questions, but we still learn and present music by these composers all the time. We are always looking for our way to put our unique spin on masterworks, and to bring ourselves as musicians to our audiences. We all talk about the unique voices we have - the tone we use, the interpretive decisions we make, because we see value in our unique perspective. 

What if you applied this thinking to everything you do in the world?

Its possible your unique perspective is valid in all areas of your life, right?

YOU bring a unique angle to everything you do through your own experiences, knowledge and perspective. As a performer focusses on bringing new life into masterworks and stamping their identity on the world around them, you have the ability to do this in your “other” world too. 

I know I am not the first person to follow the path of bringing business and music together. I’m not the first to want to create a podcast about it. I’m not the first to offer online courses in it, and I’m not the first to coach musicians on building their own businesses. 

But that doesn’t mean what I have to say isn’t valuable. No one else can do it in the way I can. No one else can create a podcast in the way I can, just as I can’t create content in the same way someone else does.  (trust me, I spent years tying to follow others’ before I realized my own voice was what made me interesting!)

My voice, attitude, experiences and personal journey all impact the way I do the things I do. My challenges shape my victories and my victories help me find my path. I know that even though someone else could tell you the same thing i’m telling you today, the way I tell you is unique to me. And the way you receive it is unique to you, right now. 

In the same way that whatever it is you wish to share with the world will be unique, because of who you are.

Your voice matters and your ideas matter and no one else can inspire people the way you can. 

If your idea doesn’t feel original, figure out what makes it special because of who YOU are. 

How much true success are you going to achieve if you copy another company?

Uf you have something you wish to share with the world but are afraid its already been done, do it your way and see what happens.

At the very least, you’ll be hanging your hat on something authentic and true to you. 

Think about what it is that you can really say is unique about you.

How are your life experiences different from the people or person who may already be doing what you want to to?

How will this affect the way you share your message with the world around you?

What will your unique voice bring to the conversation with the people you are wanting to serve?

Why will your story help someone? 

Don’t be afraid of being unoriginal. Embrace and trust your voice. 

Your unique voice is needed in the world because YOU are the only one who can share it.  

So get out there and spread your message!

I want to hear you!

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