Fear is; False Evidence Appearing Real.

If you’re afraid of the thing you want to do, chances are, you should do it.


There are two kinds of fear.

Real, crippling, life-threatening fear which you would face if you were say, standing in front of a Death Adder Snake in the middle of the Australian outback. That fear is super legit and if you found yourself in that situation, you’d probably be questioning every decision you ever made…. Ever.

Totally fair and reasonable.

The second type of fear is the unreasonable fear which prevents you from taking chances and following your excitement.

You see, this kind of fear likes to disguise excitement as terror, and likes to keep you small because being small is safe.

This fear is the kind of fear you actually want to follow, because with this fear, the thing you’re afraid of is likely something that will truly do awesome things for you. Have you felt this fear?

It’s like stage fright or that nervous energy you might feel before you perform. If you’re developing an idea or creating something new and you feel this fear, chances are, you’re on the right track and you should keep going.

This fear is lying to you. Nothing is on fire. No one is thinking about the next thing you’re going to screw up, and the consequence of allowing this fear to control you, is that you stay stagnant. This fear wants to keep you small and safe.

Don’t trust it. Dive into it and keep going.