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Generate a POWERFUL mindset!

Generate a POWERFUL mindset!



Hey Abundant Musicians!

So, you're ready to learn about how you can develop a powerful business mindset using the skills you already have? Awesome!

Lets just take a couple of seconds to think about the skills you have developed as a musician.

Off of the top of my head, I can think of quite a few. 

  • Determination
  • Goal setting
  • Achieving goals
  • Scheduling
  • Time Management
  • Collaborative skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Networking
  • The ability to read people
  • Creative problem solving

Think about what other skills you may have developed as a musician. 

Now think about how these could help you in your business...

  • Determination

When things get tough (which they will), and you have a hard time seeing results for all of your hard work (which also happens), what is it that will get you to keep pushing no matter what? Thats right! Determination. Grit. You have it in spades - and it will be your biggest asset in business!

  • Goal setting / Achieving goals

How many people have you heard struggle to create and achieve goals? in the "real world" aka. outside of music school, this is a HUGE issue for people when they're trying to make something happen. You already know that setting and achieving goals over the space of time WILL make you better at something. How else would you have become a musician? You have an advantage already!

  • Scheduling / Time Management

This should not be a surprise to you. Business success is ALL ABOUT scheduling a time management. Luckily for you, every day of your life has been a practice in the art of time management and scheduling. Add to that a splash of responsibility and reliability and voila! Business pro.

  • Collaborative skills / Leadership skills / Networking / The ability to read people

I have grouped these together because they all relate to the same thing. The way you interact with those around you. Communicating with your clients is SUPER important in business, and al of these are things you've developed from playing with other musicians in ensembles, collaborating on projects, being able to communicate with others from across the room without making a sound, and knowing how to be a team player. 

  • Creative problem solving

This is my favourite skill. That ability to solve problems in a new and creative way. Business owners have to be creative people in order to have the flexibility to meet the demands of their client base. Whatever business you are in, you want to be in, or you end up in, having the ability to offer creative solutions to problems makes you an invaluable resource. Did you ever have a musical issue you needed to work out and had to figure out multiple ways of addressing the issue before you reached success? Well, just think about how useful that skill will be, and how well it will serve you as you grow your empire. 

What other skills do you feel you've developed from your time in music school? I'd love to hear them AND to hear how you believe it will be of use outside of your practice room!

I can teach you to be rich...

I can teach you to be rich...

But I'm a musician! Why do I need to care about business?

But I'm a musician! Why do I need to care about business?