Real artists don't starve - A book by Jeff Goins

OK, so I'm going to be a little real with you all today.

A few months ago, Jeff Goins released his book "Real artists don't starve" and when I heard about the book, I had some pretty massive feelings of resistance toward it. It probably sounds a little silly - after all, its a book, but I was really worried that Jeff had written the book that I was meant to write, and that I would feel like I'd totally missed out. 

I also didn't want to read it just in case all of my ideas were the same as his and that people might think I was copying or stealing his ideas for myself. Or, that all of my ideas were terrible and I was wrong about everything!

So this week, I finally mustered the courage, took a deep breath and used my audible subscription to purchase the audiobook for my drive to work. And, while listening to it over the last couple of days,  I realised that both of my fears above had come true. 

Jeff has written a fantastic book which not only perfectly describes the way my brain functions and outlines the way I think about careers in music, I also TOTALLY feel like I missed out on writing the book myself. 

The even crazier part of this is that two years ago, I started writing a book on this topic. And promptly freaked myself out about it and put it aside. 

Anyway, this week I found myself loudly exclaiming in agreement to Jeff as he read his book to me, texting my friends about how this man has managed to write down my entire life so perfectly, and having long conversations with my husband about some of my favourite artistic career geniuses - Michelangelo, Vincent Van Gogh, etc. 

I realised that I was scared by a lot of the things that I thought because I wasn't sure if I was onto something or not, and my fear actually prevented me a couple of years ago from diving head first into my book as I had set out to do. I mean, I still have a few pages of the draft lying around somewhere. I would be curious to compare them to see just how similar they were.

Today, I wanted to share this book with you all because Jeff has done a WONDERFUL job of explaining how and why its so important for you to value your work as a musician, how necessary it is for you to think about your career as an entrepreneur, and I just LOVE the references he makes to some of the earliest known artistic entrepreneurs. I mean, he even talks about Henri Murger's book "Scenes de la vie la Boheme" and its influence on society as we know it! If you've been following along, you know I LOVE to talk about this book! Craziness! 

I cannot get over how incredibly remarkable it is for someone who I have never met to have written a book that feels so much like something I could have put on paper - although perhaps not quite so eloquently (he's quite the wordsmith).

If you've ever been curious about catching a glimpse into my brain, you HAVE to read this book.

Probably more importantly, if you've ever been really curious about building a sustainable career as an artist in the world, you MUST read this book. 


Click the image link below to grab a copy. I promise you won't regret it!


You can also check out Jeff's website HERE


Also, I'd LOVE to hear what you think of this book. Let me know in the comments below!