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The MOST DANGEROUS sentence you will EVER hear as a creative entrepreneur

The MOST DANGEROUS sentence you will EVER hear as a creative entrepreneur

The most dangerous sentence you will ever hear as a creative entrepreneur

We've ALL been there. You have a brilliant idea that's set to change the world around you! 

You'e excited, pumped, full of joy and bursting with energy at the thought of bringing your idea to everyone you know. All you need to do is tell someone. 

You approach you best friend/co-worker/employer/partner and tell them your idea. You're SO excited as the words come out, and eager to hear feedback because you KNOW this idea will change everything. 

They listen, ponder a moment, turn to you and say... "it'll never work"

You compose yourself and launch in to all the reasons why it can't possibly fail! You've thought everything through, the strategy, the design, the projections for the next 5 years and just how massive it could get! 

They listen again, but then drop the big one. "That's not going to work because its not the way its always been done". 

Thud. That was the sound of your heart hitting the floor

This simple idea of "its not the way its always been done" just squashed any joy and excitement you ever had about your idea. You suddenly realize they're absolutely right. It hasn't been done that way before, so why would it work now? Surely the way its always been done is the best way? Maybe somewhere in the past a decision was made to move to specific system because it was the most efficient, effective or best? 

Erm.. not likely. 

Do you know WHY this sentence squashes so many amazing ideas? Why people become smaller after they hear this? Its because they had presented someone an idea that could REVOLUTIONIZE the way something is done, but it was received as an idea that would disrupt the status quo. 

And what happens when the status quo is disrupted? The people who live in the status quo sphere become frightened. They get defensive. They know that have to put an end to the idea that could change their comfortable situation, and they need to end it now. Instantly. 

So they tell you it'll never work, because thats not the way its been done before. And you assume that your idea had been tried before and failed. Or that you're crazy and had obviously not thought about your idea as much as the person you just told 5 seconds ago, who didn't even really listen. 

This sentence is the most dangerous sentence you'll hear as a creative entrepreneur because it will leave you second guessing yourself.

Your future ideas will be filtered through this sentence in your mind, so you can avoid being told it again and again when you think of something great. If you listen to this sentence, you will never be able to act on any of your ideas, ever.  

And then you'll join the status quo sphere.

Aaaand I'm pretty sure you're not interested in having an average life. 

The fact that you're reading this today tells me that. You want a life of abundance and fulfillment and you want to serve people with your gifts. 

Don't listen to the people who tell you no "because thats the way its always been done". 

They don't know what you're capable of. They don't know your drive, purpose and potential.

Only you do.

And if you don't bring your ideas to the world, you're denying yourself the chance to be extraordinary and denying others the chance to follow your lead.


Don't shrink, expand. 

But someone's already doing what I want to be doing!

But someone's already doing what I want to be doing!

I can teach you to be rich...

I can teach you to be rich...