TMEA RECAP - Beaumont Music

Hey everyone! 

I know, I know. I promised you some juicy info following TMEA and not only has that long passed, I have since been to the North American Saxophone Alliance Conference in Cincinnati (which is a city name I ALWAYS spell incorrectly, thank YOU spell check). I had a few great moments of realisation at NASA this year which I will probably talk about a little here too. 

But, let me dive in with one of my TMEA favourites - Beaumont Music. Truth be told, I have been an artist for Beaumont Music for a little while now, but I had never had the pleasure of meeting owner Thea before. I LOVE the mission of Beaumont Music  - "Your Music, Your Style" because I have aways wondered WHY instrument cases, neckstraps and cleaning cloths are so boring aesthetically. 

Music is meant to be fun, right? At least, this is what I want to be sure my students feel. 

Beaumont Music seeks to fill this gap in the market and provide stylish, fun and personalised accessories for musicians. 

I mean, how smart is this?! I know there are a few other companies that have attempted to resolve this issue, and provide this customized experience, but what I think Beaumont Music has that others don't, is that their number 1 priority and focus is on making high quality, FUN products for musicians! 



Not only that, but they've used multiple entrepreneurial skillsets to create their business!

A couple of these are:

  • They identified a need, and knew they could resolve it

  • They started with something they knew and improved it

  • They KNOW their market 

  • They have established a STRONG brand identity, and use this in successful marketing campaigns


Flute Bag!

When I was a young saxophonist, I would have LOVED a case that was anything but black. I once crafted my own neckstrap out of bright blue fabric because I wanted to be able to have my own style in my accessories. (I WISH etsy had existed back then...)


 I LOVE that Beaumont Music are creating products that are functional AND aesthetically pleasing. 

As an artist, I am proud to represent them, and CANNOT WAIT for my moustache covered saxophone case to arrive in the mail (for reals). 

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 3.42.17 PM.png

As someone who loves to see musicians as entrepreneurs, I am SO impressed by the owners and their passion to use their knowledge and experience as musicians to make the world a brighter place! 

Check them out by clicking the logo below.

*I am not an affiliate, so if you do purchase anything, ALL of your hard earned money will be supporting this incredible business*