Callas&Dollars – In the Future (5 words about Corona) – Performance improvisation

As final act of the one month long exhibition “At the End of the Day – Ausatmen”, a project produced by GARAGE Tanz e.V. in collaboration with Polysense Art Collective and Stiftung Reinbeckhallen, Callas&Dollars (aka Irene Accardo and Riako Napitupulu) performed the free associations regarding the pandemic crisis collected during the exhibition on associations cards. These cards offered the options to the visitors to express 5 words related to Corona or to complete the sentence “In the future…”. This action is a re- enactment of a similar action conducted a year before by Callas&Dollars for the first part of “At the End of the Day” in 2020, where Irene Accardo and Riako Napitupulu collected associations in Schöneweide – Berlin on a local flea market and then performed them with the help of musician Ghaliz Harris in a studio during the second Lock Down in Berlin. This time around Callas&Dollars could “exorcise” the projections and associations of the visitors live in front of an audience. Masks by Evgeny Khlebnikov. Video shooting and editing Rebecca Shein. Berlin 2021.nnThe project “At the end of the day – Ausatmen” has been funded by the program “Demokratie Leben!”. More under