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Cody Molko is the young actor currently starring as Daniel on Channel 5’s new hit The Drowning.
But just who is this young actor? And what else has he been in? And who is his famous father?
Get the answer to these questions and more below.
Cody Molko is an actor who is around 16 years old.
Born in 2005, his parents are Brian Molko and Helena Berg.
Cody has a very famous dad. His dad is Brian Molko, 48, who is the lead vocalist, lyricist and guitarist of the band Placebo.
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Placebo are an English rock band that Brian founded back in 1994. They are particularly well-known for their unique sound that combines glam rock with Emo and alternative rock.
To date the band have sold an estimated 11 million albums worldwide and they have released seven studio albums. Each of these have been top 20 hits in the UK album sales charts.
Brian says that Cody also has a great ear for music and he’s played raw demos to him in the past.
Speaking in an unearthed interview, Brian says he could count on Cody as a child for his honest feedback.
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He said: “Yeah, an eight year old boy is a good listener. Playing my songs to him is a good test.
“When he finds an idea catchy enough, you know, you should go on with it.”
Cody plays Daniel in The Drowning. A teen who is being raised by a single dad.
But his world is then rocked when a woman – Jodie (played by Jill Halfpenny) – claims to be his long lost mother.
Jodie lost her son in a drowning accident when he was a young child. But the body was never recovered.
After spotting Daniel at a school gates – she is convinced he is her son.
And has somehow been raised by another family.
The Drowning appears to be Cody’s first major acting role.
According to his IMDB profile, he has also had several stints as a voiceover artist for video games.
And he is appearing in an upcoming television series called Shadow and Bone.
So far The Drowning has received mostly positive reviews.

It has received four stars out of five on The Guardian.
The reviewer describes the drama as: “The Drowning pays much attention to the endurance and the depths of a bereaved parent’s sorrow and how guilt manifests, while refusing to go in for big dramatic gestures at the expense of this hard-won authenticity.”
While The Telegraph admits that the storyline may need viewers to suspend disbelief – but still awarded it four out of five stars.
The reviewer argues: “The Drowning (Channel 5) is one of those snappy thrillers that will keep you watching right to the end, provided you suspend disbelief and refrain from yelling: “What on earth are you doing?” and, “Why haven’t you done these very obvious things that a normal person would do in this situation?”
The Drowning is a four-part drama that is showing over four consecutive nights this week – each episode airing at 9pm.
However, previous episodes will be available to stream on My5. Alternatively, you can wait to the end of the week to binge the entire series.
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