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Dave Groll’s “greatest challenge” in writing his memoirs was to keep it short.
The Foo Fighters frontman, who will release “Storyteller” next month, was keen to show his fans what his life as a famous musician would be like, but he did a lot in his life. I admitted that I achieved it. His story spans many books, each covering different parts of his career.
Dave, who discussed his “greatest challenge” in the new trailer of this book, said: I was able to write an entire book about my time in Nirvana.
“The idea was to choose from a drum stool that looks out, a story that best describes what it’s like to be behind a curtain or inside music. Play music or have this beautiful family. I don’t take this for granted, to travel around the world, to meet people from all disciplines. Believe me. “
The 52-year-old Locker originally had no plans to write a book, but was “creatively restless” during the blockade of the coronavirus, quickly swirling what started as an Instagram page.
In a trailer featuring his videos and photos from childhood to the present, he explained: “When the blockage happened, I suddenly had nothing to do with it. I have nothing to do.
“I’m always creatively restless, so I thought I’d spend some time writing these short stories for Instagram pages. [called] “Dave struestories.” And by doing that, I fell in love with writing. I thought, “Oh, what do you know? Maybe I’ll write a book, without knowing how huge the project is.”
The “Walk” hit maker looks back on his life “every day.”
He admits that: “My life flashes in front of me every day. In writing this book, I tried to capture those moments as much as possible.”
Dave Grohl “Challenge” to Shorten Memoirs | Music
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