Friday Update with Scott White 9-24-21

Dear LAC Family,n nThis Sunday, we will continue in week three of our “Together Life” series in Psalms. We will be looking at Psalm 82 and experience the honest questions and reflections from a man named Asaph, a contemporary of King David and assigned by David to be one of Israel’s Worship Leaders (1 Chronicles 6:39). He was a skilled poet and musician and 11 of the Psalms are credited to him. Asaph’s questions are drawn from the world as it was around him…questions many of us might still utter today.nnOur Missional Outreach Pastor, Mathew P. John, will walk us into and out of this Psalm in a special message titled “God vs gods”; a psalm bookended by verses of affirmation of who God is always and affirmations of his faithfulness. To find out more about this series visit our series page where you can read and watch Jeremy Rose share in-depth our hope for what this series can teach us.n nSPECIAL UPDATE FROM THE MINISTRY COUNCIL nSome of you have read or heard expressions of concern about aspects of a summer community education program that met on the LAC campus for several years before the pandemic. Your Ministry Council devoted substantial time to this question at its August 31 meeting and appointed a task force of four Ministry Council members, who are gathering facts directly from those who have the information. They will prepare a report and recommendations for Ministry Council action well in advance of next summer’s program, which will be reported to the Congregation.n nTHE KITCHEN TABLE (TKT) UPCOMING EVENTSnJoin us next Wednesday at 7 pm in the Worship Center for our first TKT Presentation and Q&A titled “Reaching for the Planets and Beyond – Engaging with JPL Scientists”. For details visit nThen, join us on Wednesday, Oct. 20, at 7 pm in the Worship Center for “Beyond COVID-19: The Pandemic Ripple Effect on Health and Wellness” as we hear from an expert panel discuss the impact that the COVID-19 Pandemic has had on our society and mental health.n nYEAR OF LISTENINGnJoin us this Sunday for our final “Communal Listening” gathering in-person from 1 to 2 pm in HH 400 (Skyroom) as we discuss the impact of a single 10 am Sunday service. For details, visit nHAPPY AUTUMN FESTIVAL!nThis festival, celebrated on this week’s full moon, is the second biggest holiday in the Chinese world. A blessing a friend shared with us that as a Believer they love to bless others with is this: “May you light up others worlds, as you light up your lanterns! To all of our LAC Family who celebrated with Family near or far, shared mooncakes with friends or sent and received endless We Chat messages, Happy Autumn Festival to you and your Family. May the light of Heaven shine brightly upon you and your family, in every way!”n nWant to learn more about the Autumn Festival? Here is a reflection from a Chinese Believer shared by one of our partner ministries (China Source):n hope to see you this Sunday at 10 am in the Worship Center.