Hammond Report September 6 2021 From Pandemic Quarantino Jon Hammond

Language EnglishnHammond Report September 6 2021 From Pandemic Quarantino Jon Hammond – Daily Music and Stories from the organ player & accordionist Jon Hammond, today’s music about a very special soundcheck of my band for the Ellington Room Session in NYC, I brought out my 1959 Hammond B3 + Bill Beer custom Leslie Speaker for this date. Todd Anderson the tenor player is on the orginal record of this composition of mine entitled Lydia’s Tune – I wrote it in Paris France in 1981 – Ray Grappone drums, Leslie J. Carter Chuggy Carter congas + percussions, Joe Berger guitar – faster tempo than usually, as I wanted to run the tune before people came – when I looked up a lot of people came in already! Happy Labor Day 2021 folks! Back tomorrow with another Hammond Report,nJon Hammond the B3 organist, not the singer “The FINGERS are The SINGERS!”™ nn#HammondReport n#6september2021 n#b3organist n#hammondb3 n#ellingtonroom n#jazzsession n#podcast n#musician n#storiesn#lesliespeaker n#bossanova n#congas n#percussion n#LaborDay n#JonHammond n#byebyenownAddeddate 2021-09-07 00:44:09nIdentifier hammond-report-september-6-2021-from-pandemic-quarantino-jon-hammond