Harmonium Keyboard Piano Lesson Basic Chords for Beginners

Harmonium Keyboard Piano Lesson Basic Chords for Beginnersnnn�Hello,nFriends, my name is kulwinder jolly (mr.jolly) and welcome to my channel ‘Mr.jolly’s music classes’nnnnn� About this video :–nFriends, in this video I have taught some basic Chords to music beginners.nnnNote:–You can also visit my Blog post to get more information on this topic.and with you can follow my Website too.nnnnnnnn� Don’t forget subscribe my channel and like ,shar my videosnnnnn�©️ Note :-Royalty free no copyright video and pics used in this video from pixabay.com and music from youtube audio library.nnnnnnn� My other videos links :-nnnnSome special ways of doing Riyaz (Music Practice)nnnnnnHow is ? Career and Scope in Musicnnnnnnसंगीत सीखने वालों को इन 10 तालों का ज्ञान होना जरूरी है (English Subtitles) Music learners should know the knowledge of these 10 rhythmsnnnnSinger बनने के लिए कितने राग सीखें ? (English Subtitles) How many learn Raags to become a singer?nnnnराग सीखने का सबसे आसान तरीका (English Subtitles) The easiest way to learn Raagsnnnnकैसा है? संगीत में कैरिअर (English Subtitles) How is? Career and scope in musicnnnnसंगीत में इन चिन्हों का बहुत बड़ा रोल है (English Subtitles)These Signs have a big role in musicnnnnसंगीत में संधि प्रकाश राग क्या होते हैं ?इन्हें कब गाते/ बजाते हैं? (English Subtitles) What are sandhi parkash ragas? in music when are they sung and playingnnnnसिंगर बनने के पहले दिन क्या सीखें?(English Subtitles) what to learn first day becoming a singer?nnnnWhat should music learners know more about? theory or Practical (English Subtitles)nnnnn�My Playlist Links :-nnn(1) Indian Classical and folk Music Theory:–nnn(2)Singing Tips :–nnnn(3) Bhajan and Songs Notation :–nnnn(4) Artist Guidelines (Singers and Instrument Players) :–nnnnn� My Other Social Media Links :–nnn(1) My YouTube Channel :–nnnn(2) My 2nd Channel :–nnnn(3) My Dailymotion Channel :–nnnn(4) My Entertainment Channel:–nnnnn(5) Facebook :–nnn(6) My 2nd Facebook page:–nnnn(7) Instagram :–nnn(8) Twitter:–nnnn(9)Telegram :—nnn(10) SnapChat:–nnn(11)Pinterest:–nnn(12) My Blogger Website Link:- mrjollysmusicclasses.blogspot.comnnn(13) LinkedIn Link,:–nnnn(14) Medium .comnnnnnnnnnnnnJosh:–@Mr.jollynnnMoj :–@kulwinderjolly99nnnMxTakaTak :–Mr.jollynnnIGTV :–mr.jolly 424n nnnnnnnnnnn�️#mrjollyn#mrjollymusicclassesn#mrjollyvideon#kulwinderjollyvideon#musicLessonn#KeybordLessonn#chordsLessonsnnn� Your Quaries :–nMr.jolly’s music classesnmrjollynmrjollymusicnindia raganindia classical musicnmusic theorynKeybords chordsnChords theorynHindustani musicnPiano musicnKeybords lessonnHarmonium lessonnBhajan Notationnnn#HarmoniumkeyboardPianoLessonBasicchordsforBeginners #Basicchords #Musicchords