How to get a Gold, Platinum, Double Platinum, and Diamond album certification as a famous musician in BitLife – Gamepur

How well did your album sale?
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The albums you release in BitLife as a famous musician will vary in quality. Some will do better than others, and it can boil down to how many songs you pick to go on the album, the type of cover art, the name, and how you promote it. Your album’s overall quality can also come down to the type of genre you’re playing. For example, pop is the largest audience, meaning you have a higher chance of selling many albums to millions of audience members. In contrast, worship has a significantly smaller audience but adore almost any album.
If you sell an album well enough, it can become gold, platinum, double platinum, or even a diamond album certification. Your audience needs to buy the album, and the sales need to hit a certain amount to reach each level. Gold is the lowest, and diamond is the highest.
These are the exact numbers you need to reach and exceed.
You have to sell this many copies to reach the various album certifications. But this can happen over the album’s lifetime. An album you released 15 years ago can become a diamond record.
Doing so will be easier, depending on the type of genre you pick. If you want to make a lot of money and sell to a wide audience, choose pop, R&B, or rap. These are the best options to reach the number of sales you need to reach higher certifications for an album. Pop and rap musicians are more likely to reach a diamond rank with an album.

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