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Attention! This content is a rumour, or it may be proven true but it doesn’t have to.
Source: press materials

The source of the rumors is British Mail Online. We take it with a distance, because at least once their reports prove true – especially when it comes to films that were shot in Great Britain, but still missed many times. The rumor is interesting enough to be worth studying.
According to them, Indiana Jones’ assistant character from the movie Indiana Jones 5 Is to be ready for his successor in the continuation of the series. This heroine plays Phoebe Waller Bridgeknown from the series modern girl. Apparently, the whole series’ producer and president of Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy, who loves to make big and bold changes, is to blame for the idea.
It is difficult to say how much truth there may be at the moment. Especially if we take into account the official Lucasfilm announcement that Indiana Jones 5 It is the end of this series. So would a potential Waller-Bridge sequel be more of a spin-off? Hard to say at the moment.
Remember that James Mangold, who is also the scriptwriter, is behind the camera. Harrison Ford takes on the role of the iconic hero once again.
Indiana Jones 5 – premiere in 2022.
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“Extreme organizer. Problem solver. Passionate web buff. Internet expert. Devoted travel nerd. Professional troublemaker.”
“Extreme organizer. Problem solver. Passionate web buff. Internet expert. Devoted travel nerd. Professional troublemaker.”
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