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LeBron James and wife Savannah James are celebrating their 8th marriage anniversary for a relationship now entering its third decade. Jay Z and Beyonce were special wedding guests for their ceremony that day.
If there’s one superstar across sports who’s been immune to controversy, it has to be LeBron. This man has navigated through over 20 years in public life without a whiff of a scandal – incredible to think about, given the scrutiny he’s been put under.
James was recognized as a Hall of Fame talent even as a junior. His feature on the cover for Sports Illustrated was nothing but another example of the incredible hype train.
It goes without saying that James has over-delivered on the promise of him as Michael Jordan’s successor. He’s topped it off by releasing a Space Jam sequel at the height of his popularity as an LA athlete.
Through this incredible journey that James has gone on, he’s had a steadfast companion by his side. She’s been his wife for exactly 8 years now, and she was born Savannah Brinson.
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James and Savannah have been together since his days as a precocious high school junior. As far as adorable power couples go, they are right there at the top of most lists. And perhaps the only power couple more vaunted than this duo was present at their wedding as well!
Jay-Z and Beyonce have been the definition of a power couple ever since getting together in the mid-noughties. Beyonce is as much a mistress behind the microphone as Jay-Z is a master of ceremonies and a wordsmith.
The duo blessed James and Savannah’s long-awaited wedding with a vintage performance. Over 200 guests, including the likes of Pat Riley and the Heat front office brass, were entertained by the world’s most famous musician couple.
However, the event had a strict no-phones policy to preserve the James family’s privacy. And because of this reason, we’re unable to bring footage of this doubtless special and memorable performance.
Jaz Z and Beyonce performed at Lebron’s wedding reception #BIGTIME #LIKEABOSS
— CallMeChez ✨ (@CallMeChez242) September 18, 2013

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