Marketing for the Musician

Brand and website audit

A one-time coaching call to review, assess, discuss and improve your current brand and website.

Branding and website design is so much more than just getting your materials onto a site, paying for the domain and clicking “publish!” Your website is the number one place for your audiences to find you in this digital world, and the image you present to the world will impact what they think of you, your brand and your work!

Your website is not just a dumping ground for your materials, or a fancy CV or resume you can refer people to, its part of who YOU are as a brand. Your website can book you gigs, land you jobs and set the tone for your professional career, and within seconds of landing on your website, instagram or facebook page, your audiences are quickly jumping to conclusions about who you are and what you do!

Without an effective, appealing and cohesive website that shares who YOU are, your audiences wont be as drawn to your work or art.

But, if you’ve ever tried designing your own brand and website, you know its not easy to bring your vision to life.

This is where auditing comes in!

For way less than the price of a full website redesign, and from the convenience of your home, I’ll provide you with a number of practical ways you can improve your website and brand identity to create that epic first impression with your audience.

Ahead of our call, I will spend some quality time getting to know the ins and outs of your website, and will send you a questionnaire to fill out so i can get to know more about you, your purpose, your vision and your artistic brand.

Using the information from the questionnaire along with my own observations, we will meet for a 60 minute skype call, during which time we will discuss the practical steps you can take to improve your current website design. I will give you a checklist of things to address, reasons behind their importance and will supply you with additional resources to help you along the way!

After we finish our call, you also receive a 30 minute follow up at a later date (usually once all of your changes have been made) to discuss any further updates I would recommend, and to see how you’ve felt about the process. This gives us a chance to work together to ensure your website looks fabulous, and that we haven’t missed anything in our initial call.