Modern SAMURAI Dance by SHIN

SHIN is a Japanese performing artist, an actor, a singer song writer, and a theatre director/producer. Performs Japanese style performances descended from Japanese traditional dance, sword fighting performance and mask dance “Okame Hyottoko”. Created a performance company called TEAM SAMURAI in Tokyo (2012). It got a the best performance award and the best director award at theater festival in Saint Petersburg, Russia in 2012, awarded by Japanese consulate general. Performed through Europe, such as at theater festival in Avignon, France (2013), CAMERA JAPAN festival in Rotterdam (2013), Abunai! convention in Eindhoven, Netherlands (2017) and Oxford, the United Kingdom (2015). Living in the United Kingdom and Czech Republic for masters degree and his work since 2015, launched his own company to enhance his creativity in 2021 in Tokyo. Currently living in Japan.