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Linda Dilman
Staff writer
Lockbourne celebrates the 19th-century Canal Age heritage and the launch of the Southern Descent Heritage Trail in Ohio and the Erie Canal with an afternoon history, activity, and chili cooking contest.
The Driving Trail is recognized by the National Register of Historic Places and features 14 historic canal locations along 100 miles from Lake Buckeye to the Ohio River in Portsmouth. It passes through six counties in south-central Ohio, including Franklin County.
The September 25th celebration in Rockborn is part of a series of kick-off events scheduled for the coming months, with the final event taking place on October 9th in Carroll. Both parking and admission are free.
Located at Rockmeadow Park in Rockborn at the foot of the 154 Commerce St. Access Road, the celebration will feature live music. Activities and games for children, including exhibits from Slate Run Living Historical Farm. Expert presentations on Irish whiskey tasting and canal history and southern descent.
Whiskey tasting nods to Rockborn’s past. The saloon surpassed the church, and the William Monipenny Distillery, once the village’s largest industry, produced 100 barrels of whiskey a day and shipped it from the town by canal boat.
An amateur chef participates in a cooking contest to satisfy his soul with Chilean cuisine, winning first place ($ 100 award), second place ($ 75 award), and third place ($ 50 award). You will be invited to make a decision and secure the right to brag one year ahead. Admission is $ 20, and visitors can enjoy unlimited chili tasting for $ 10 for adults and $ 5 for children under the age of 12.
For more information on participating in the contest, please call the village office 614-491-3161 or send an email to admin.assistant @ The admission deadline is September 18th. Hot dogs, desserts, water and pops are also available for purchase during the event.
Deputy Franklin County Sheriff has set up a child identification table with one of the therapy dogs, and both the Hamilton Township Fire Department and Franklin County Engineers will be exhibiting trucks for children of all ages. Slate Run Living Historical Farm sponsors old children’s games, with bluegrass music by the Slate Ridge Bluegrass Band played throughout the day.
Guided nature walks along the Magnolia Trail follow the same path as horses and mules towed canal boats in the late 1800s. The trail has a variety of wildlife and two main loops, which you can enjoy separately or together for a total of two miles of walks.
Nyloop is named after Parnai, a famous musician and captain of a canal boat who wrote lyrics about Rockborn’s canals and rock systems. Inspired by a canal boat born in 1872, he collected the history, music and stories of canal life.
The main loop is named after the last canal boat that passed Lockbourne on its way down Ohio and the Erie Canal.
“The village of Rockborn is proud to celebrate the new 114-mile drive trail with designated historic canal locks from Baltimore to Portsmouth,” said Mayor Christie Ward of Rockborn. .. “Ohio and the Erie Canal’s Southern Descent Trail launch has five stop points along the way to show the importance of the canal in Ohio’s transport history. Rockborn is at the connection point to Columbus. It was a major stop during the Canal era. “
Rockborn has canal locks at numbers 26, 27, 29 and 30. This is the only place that contains the remains of the Columbus Feeder Canal, which once served the growing Parliament Building.
The region-wide locking system played a major role in the transportation of goods and the ability of passengers to travel approximately one mile throughout Ohio. The Ohio and Erie canals were completed between 1827 and 1832, making them one of the greatest waterway wonders of the time.
Rockbone celebrating the heritage of the canal
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