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With the popularity of fantasy romance on Webtoon, some couples are more powerful than death. Here are five romance webtoons that defy death itself.
Fantasy romance is popular on the Webtoon platform, especially when it comes to couples who are able to overcome and defy death itself. Whether the characters come back to life or are reincarnated, these romances prove that love never dies. Here are five romance webtoons that cheat death for the sake of love.
See You in My 19th Life stars Jieum Ban and Seoha Mun who fall in love as young children before Jieum’s life is cut short by a tragic and mysterious car accident. When Jieum dies in the young Seoha’s lap after protecting him, Seoha is forever traumatized by his childhood and haunted by his lost love. However, Jieum has the unusual ability to remember all of her past lives that include different nationalities, genders, and personalities. She soon finds herself reincarnated faster than usual due to her intense love and unfinished business with Seoha.
Jieum is reborn, but is several years younger than Seoha and part of a poor and troubled family instead of the rich one she initially belonged to. Despite having her past memories resurface in childhood, Jieum waits until adulthood to approach Seoha to regain his love so they can finally be together. Meanwhile, she refuses to tell him she’s the reincarnation of his childhood love because she doesn’t want him to feel guilty about her death. Determined to make Seoha fall in love with the new and younger her, Jieum takes a job as his employee and supports him in both his personal and professional life until he heals from his past and returns her love.
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Yeonu and Seonjae have been in a fake and unhappy marriage for two years in There Must Be Happy Endings. The couple were strangers who only agreed to the marriage to escape their current circumstances, marrying out of convenience instead of love. While they manage to keep up appearances in front of Seonjae’s wealthy family — he’s the heir to their successful business conglomerate — Yeonu’s dissatisfaction with their lifestyle continues to grow. After they attend a wedding where Seonjae’s family discuss the fake couple having children soon, Yeonu decides she wants a divorce.
However, Seonjae is suddenly hit by a bus and dies in front of Yeonu right after they signed their divorce papers. She comes to find out that, despite his cold and indifferent demeanor, Seonjae truly loved her the entire time. While mourning the death of her now ex-husband and regretting how things ended, Yeonu is suddenly transported 100 days into the past before she asked Seonjae for a divorce. With Seonjae given a second chance at life, Yeonu is determined to rewrite their story to prevent his death and give them the happy ending they deserve.
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In Death of a Pop Star, Sophie Lim is a famous musician who dies after falling down the stairs at her commercial shoot. When the Grim Reaper named Elijah comes to collect her soul, he recognizes Sophie as his favorite singer and she begs him to spare her life. He agrees to let her live — as long as she marries him in the afterlife when the time comes. However, Sophie doesn’t remember Eli or their deal when she awakens even though he feels familiar to her.
Though Eli tries to hide that he spared a soul meant to be reaped, the King of the Underworld soon finds out. He tells Eli to reap Sophie’s soul as soon as possible or he’ll make his son, the Prince of the Underworld named Julien, kill her instead. Eli poses as the school janitor at Sophie’s new college while Julien becomes her classmate. As both the Grim Reaper and Prince of the Underworld grow attached to Sophie, they find it increasingly difficult to carry out their orders.
Chanyang Jeong and Jian Nam meet in the world between life and death in Take Me, I’m Yours. Chanyang is placed in a coma after she’s hit by a billboard while Jian is fighting for his life after a mysterious car accident. Coming from two different backgrounds where Chanyang financially struggles and Jian is the heir to the wealthy Baekgyeong Group, their living circumstances no longer matter when they meet in the spirit realm.
In their near-death state, Chanyang is supposed to die while Jian returns to the living world, but Jian chooses to switch places with her out of love. However, Chanyang loses all her memories from their time in the spirit realm after waking up from her coma. Unable to recognize him, Chanyang freaks out when she sees Jian’s apparition in her apartment. Jian must remain by Chanyang, who keeps him tethered to the living world. They’re forced to live together for three months until the Book of the Dead arrives from the underworld to determine their fates.
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Dating With a Tail stars Yunha, the tenth human reincarnation of a fox whose love went unfulfilled centuries ago. Yunha must find the reincarnation of the woodcutter whom the fox loved and marry him before her 30th birthday, otherwise she’ll turn into a fox forever. As she approaches 30, she grows a fox tail and emits a sweet odor to attract male suitors in her search for the woodcutter. Despite using garlic to mask her unique scent, the woodcutter can still single out her smell. Yunha soon discovers her best friend, boss, and priest can all smell her sweet scent.
To figure out which of the men is actually the woodcutter, Yunha must kiss them to see if the fox bead appears on their chest. The bead was placed in the woodcutter by the original fox so they could find each other in another life after death. While Yunha is eager to find and marry the woodcutter before becoming a fox, she realizes that uncovering the secrets and truth about their ancient past proves more difficult than she expected.
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